Springfield-Robertson County Airport Board is pleased to offer hangar and tie-down space for Commercial and General Aviation aircraft owners wishing to locate their aircraft on the field.

Hangars and tie-downs are managed and maintained by the Airport Manager.


View related documents in Publications page for SRCA's waitlist policy and lease agreements.



Non-commercial T-Hangar LED Lighting Program


46 T-Hangars

Large (3) and Regular (42) Sized T-Hangar Standard Features:

  • Electric bi-fold hangar doors

  • Personnel swing doors

  • Concrete floor

  • 110V electrical outlets

  • Adequate overhead lighting

LARGE: $550/month

REGULAR: $225/month

"Old" T-Hangars (4) Feature:

  • Manual sliding hangar doors

  • Shared personnel swing doors

  • Concrete floor

  • 110V electrical outlets

  • Adequate overhead lighting

OLD Ts: $190/month

3 Corporate Hangars

Corporate Hangar Features:

  • Electric bi-fold hangar doors

  • Personnel swing doors

  • Concrete floor

  • Insulated walls

  • Restroom

  • Storage room

  • 110V electrical outlets

  • Adequate overhead lighting

FEE: $1,100/month

corp hangar.JPG

20 Tie-Downs

Long-term (10) tie-downs

  • Provided to an aircraft owner who wishes to park his/her aircraft on the airfield in the open for longer than 30 days.

LONG-TERM: $50/month

Transient (10) tie-downs

  • Provides transient, non-based pilots open-air parking at a per night rate.

TRANSIENT: $15/night*


* Free with purchase of 20 gals or more of fuel

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